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   montra uses traditional Thai massage to support health maintenance and well being to the American way of life. All of Montra practitioners have been trained in Thai traditional massage in Wat Po in Bangkok, Thailand and continue their training in western massage modality in the U.S. We are proud and have confidence in our techniques.


   If you wish to focus a specific area of your body, we will customize the treatment to fit your needs. If you don't suffer from a specific area or soreness, we can adjust the pressure on the sequences in the sessions to reduce tension and relieve general stress over the whole body.


   Traditional Thai massage can help you relax and rejuvenate your body and mind, reduce muscle ache and fatigue, increase concentration and ensure better sleep and nurture self esteem.
Beside feeling great, traditional Thai massage also has very powerful therapeutic benefits.

   For athletes, traditional Thai massage can improve their performance and help reduce the risk of injury.


Our Sevices,


Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Aroma Therapy

Thai Herbal Massage

Traditioanal Thai Massage with Balm

Thai Foot Massage

Pre/Postnatal Massage

Deep Tissue






"I had massages from 40 - 50 therapists, but Pom is the best"

  Stephen Wang M.D.


"It is better than in Thailand"

  Ryan Windham

  Senior Director Business Development


"Best massage of my life"

  Deanna Angelini

  Certified Personal Trainer


"It is amazing! hurting and relaxing in the same time"

  Christ Mathias



"It is so peacful"




Start taking care of yourself by balancing your daily activities, your health and your wellness.


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